How ECOLOO Solves WASH Issues Worldwide!

Project for Retiree Tiny Homes
This project aims at creating a sustainable living in a sustainable tiny homes in off grid area in Hulu Langat, Malaysia. The project leader future long term plan is to create affordable tiny homes for youngsters and retirees who can benefit from their own organic farm using their recycled water and waste. You may watch the video here! (check 5:30 onwords)

Project with UNDP for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jordan
This project aims at saving Jordan’s heritage sites from losing its title of UNESCO World Heritage by ensuring its sustainability through installation of ECOLOO at various tourist attraction sites and heights; with ECOLOO, up to 200 people use each toilet daily and until now our toilets are still up and running with no bad odour at all.

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SEA Games
Project with Malaysian Ministry of Youth & Sports
This project aims at achieving sustainable sports by providing ECOLOO for Kuala Lumpur 2017 29th SEA GAMES throughout the games having been selected as their green partner and sponsor; the Secretariats, the police/army, the athletes, the toilet visitors and the main sponsors staff manning their booths during the games were happy and satisfied with the toilets which save gallons of water from being flushed by 20,000 visitors especially on each opening and closing day of the sustainable sports event throughout 2 weeks.

Project on Kebun Bangsar with ThinkCity, Khazanah in Malaysia
This project aims at applying organic fertilizer from ECOLOO that was deployed in 2016 at an empty land under electric cables right in the city which now has turned into a secret garden side by side with organic farming for the community to enjoy. Today, Kebun Kebun Bangsar (Bangsar Farm) has come to its fruition and become an attraction as families and volunteers contribute their energy, money, seeds, time and pets to the farm and turn them into hobbies.

Project for Parks, Gardens & Farms
This project aims at deploying ECOLOO at community parks, gardens and organic farms in order to harvest the natural liquid fertilizer generated by the toilets and apply on the flower plants, trees and farms to replace the chemical fertilizer that had been used in the past and destroyed the soil. This natural fertilizer can enrich the soil with nutrients and provide the best environment for permaculture and agriculture leading to food security for the society.

Project with University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)
This project aims at saving the lake of Kenyir GeoPark from being polluted by retrofitting ECOLOO inside UMT floating lab for researchers to use while whilst doing research on lake water upon discovery of e-coli in the water as most floating boat operators and local tourists in Kenyir lake defecate directly into the lake; the researchers are not only happy and satisfied with the eco toilets but also with the improved result from the water quality.

Sierra Leone
Project with Hope2Overcome NGO for Girl School in Sierra Leone
This project aims at deploying toilets for Girl school in Sierra Leone. Prior to installation, the girls had to hold their bladder for long hours and could not focus in class, those with menstruation skipped school but with ECOLOO, the girls are happier, more focused and their performance and school attendance have improved with 35% according to the school management.

Takloban City
Project with the Philippines Disaster Relief Foundation for Takloban City Typhon Victims 2014
ECOLOO played a role in disaster relief efforts when sanitation issues, often related to contaminated water supplies, cause diseases to spread rapidly after the natural disaster.