ECOLOO’s Partner Program

The Partner Program Concept:

We, as an inclusive social business entity, are thrilled to announce the new affiliate/partner program we just launched successfully, and we invite you to join and make a difference. A win-win business opportunity for everyone!

As an ECOLOO partner, you get:

1. a dynamic and personal ECOLOO website totally free of charge

2. your own secured website address such as shivohamtechno.ecoloo.in/YourCompany (or YourName)

3. we merge your logo with ours and publish it on your new website

4. you may publish your work, activities, achievements and passion for sanitation or any other solutions or work you do throughout the website pages

5. you can publish your own story briefly and mention why you joined ECOLOO

6. you may include photos and media articles or videos on the index/first page

7. your visitors or customers will contact you and order from you, not only our products but also whatever your business offers, by sending you an email or by calling you directly

8. we will provide you with a webmail service and create a unique email address for you such as YourName or YourCompany@ecoloo.in

9. our system will send you a copy of all emails sent to the alternative email address of your choice

10. you may access the webmail to read your incoming messages, communicate with your customers and respond to them

11. a unique will be created for you similar to this one

12. if you run your own website, you may link both websites together

Join Us Today!

You may read our Terms & Conditions and Register Online

Your application will be evaluated. If approved, you shall be required to furnish additional information